Immersive Therapeutics
to Improve Quality of Life for Seniors, Families, and Professional Caregivers

About n*gram health

We aim to improve quality of life for senior citizens, caregivers, and families by harnessing the immersive power of a new treatment modality: Virtual Reality.

Drawing upon well-validated approaches such as reminiscence therapy and music therapy, we develop therapeutic virtual reality experiences that address many of the common challenges faced through the aging process.

Therapeutic Reminiscence

  • Biographical information about care-recipient is synthesized into virtual reality experiences (e.g. standing in front of a childhood home)
  • Caregivers facilitate sessions and show content that is designed to evoke positive emotions, memories, and stories

How It Works

Targeted Follow Up

  • Session highlights (e.g. clip of a nice story told) are shared with the family
  • Family shares additional biographical information to help build out positive memories

Research and Development

  • Sessions analyzed to identify key elements that prompt reminiscence and carry emotional salience
  • Experiences become increasingly personalized and vivid over time, enhancing therapeutic effect

Partnerships, Programs, and Press


n*gram health is harnessing virtual reality to enable previously impossible therapeutic approaches for senior citizens and for their family and professional caregivers.

We are a growing team and are looking to bring on talented and driven team members across a wide variety of functional areas. If you would like to help us evolve in the best direction, please email with your resume and/or portfolio.


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